Learn About the Principles of Modern Church Growth Movement To Help Grow Your Ministry

Welcome to Churchgrowthmovement.org where we will help you learn how to grow your church in this modern times. We have access to many resources such as church growth best books  used by anointed men of God to help win more souls into the kingdom and we will be using the same church growth principles to show you what you need to be doing to help with winning of souls to grow your church.

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Where can I find the articles or resources on church growth?

We are currently preparing this site, however if you are looking into ways to understanding growing your church, we are setting up a section for best books on church growth that will help you out a ton when it comes to learning the best techniques for evangelism and growth in the church. There are various church growth strategies to help with church development and church planting and We will be researching into details and presenting the resources here among other topics such as

  • What is church growth?
  • The burning desire for church growth principles
  • The importance of lay people to increasing souls in the church
  • How anagkazo is crucial for getting members to the church
  • How women are influential in helping church grow
  • Learning church growth scriptures in the bible
  • Prayer points for church growth
  • The use of social media for growth in the church
  • The 80 – 20 church growth movement principle
  • upcoming church growth conferences
  • and much much more

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Where can I sign up to receive automatic updates?

We will be setting up a FREE member’s area for members to sign up as soon as we are satisfied with the structure for the site. There will be very few church growth websites out there that will provide this level of expertise when it comes to having access to resources to help you grow your church because we will be providing detailed and practical applications from church planting resources to help you learn the keys to church growth. Until we set up the member’s area portal, you can bookmark the website churchgrowthmovement.org on your browser to get easy access every time you browse the internet

Stay Blessed

We will be releasing a ton more info here in the next couple of days. Until then here is a sermon from Pastor Yonggi Cho, the pastor of the largest church in the world on church growth seminar for church leaders.